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  • Managing Marketing In The 21st Century (3rd Edition)

    Managing Marketing in the 21st Century is about understanding how to develop market strategy and managing the marketing process. It is not a book that attempts to describe all there is to know about marketing, nor is it filled with glossy pictures. Buy Now
  • Capon's Marketing Framework

    Capon's Marketing Framework is shortened version of Managing Marketing in the 21st Century that, nonetheless, provides a solid framework for marketing students. Buy Now
  • Sales Eats First

    Sales Eats First examines how B2B sales organizations in today's most admired corporations develop and deploy major intellectual capital. Buy Now
  • Fundamentals of International Business

    Fundamentals of International Business is an introductory international business text for use at the undergraduate level. Its comprehensive coverage of the subject also makes it appropriate for use in MBA programs. Buy Now
  • The Virgin Marketer

    The Virgin Marketer - 3rd Edition is a companion volume to AxcessCapon's marketing textbooks, Managing Marketing in the 21st Century (3rd Edition) and Capon's Marketing Framework (3rd Edition). Buy Now


  • I like Managing Marketing in the 21st Century and feel its well-written with a real-world approach."

    - Dotty Heady

  • "Managing Marketing in the 21st Century is a tangible mind-map of my view of marketing.

    - Kapil Jain

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