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Our Story

In North America and around the world, increasing numbers of instructors are adopting Axcess Capon's high quality textbooks for their classes. These instructors are building their students' intellectual capital at a fraction of the cost of textbooks from traditional publishers.

The cost of a college education in the U.S. and many other countries is high and currently rising faster than the rate of inflation. The prices of textbooks are an important factor: Frequently, traditional publishers price their offerings in excess of $200 per book, certainly for marketing textbooks. I founded Wessex Press to address this very serious problem. We sell Wessex's marketing textbooks under the Axcess Capon brand at less than $50 -- both printed books and pdf E-Books. Many marketing professors have testified to the quality of these books, the materials we provide instructors, and the cutting-edge use of technology to link the written work to videos and other learning materials. If you are a student, we hope you enjoy the high quality products and the low prices. If you are an instructor using one of our textbooks -- thank you for your support and please tell your colleagues. If you are an instructor new to Axcess Capon, please give us a try. We know that changing a textbook can be painful, but you will be doing your students a big favor.

Although Axcess Capon started with my marketing books, we are expanding in two directions. First, we are adding books by new authors, most importantly in the sales and account management area. Second, we are increasing our global presence. Versions of my textbooks have been published in Asia Pacfic, China, Europe, India, and Spanish Latin America. Other geographically-targeted versions are on the way. We hope you will join the Axcess Capon family as an instructor or a student.

From its founding, Wessex Press and Axcess Capon has striven to be at the cutting edge of techology, far ahead of major publishers. Our small size enables us to move fast. The first innovation was linking the printed word to videos and other material on the Internet. Axcess Capon pioneered the use of O-codes and QR codes in printed books. O-codes are simple alphanumeric codes linked to proprietary- or publicly-available videos or other material; typing a code into the O-code website provides instant access. QR codes fulfill a similar function but here the reader simply scans the QR code with a cell phone. Most of Axcess Capon's books now include O-codes and QR codes. More recently, Axcess Capon has pioneeded video books. Video books are structured similarly to regular books but, rather than the book comprising the written work, individual chapters are videos of the author and associated material. Axcess Capon expects video books to become a significant part of its business.

Thank you for your attention and support.  Noel Capon

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